Size and Fitting Guide

Getting the correct size and fit the first time is very important and will help avoid costly exchanges. Please take the time to use the tools and information below to get it just right! Here's how:

  1. Watch 2 videos in order
  2. Download the size conversion chart
  3. Watch the "How to Print the Measuring Tool" video
  4. Watch the "How to Use the Measuring Tool" video
  5. 1) How to Choose The Correct Shoe Size

    2) Fitting your Ace Marks

It is very important that you measure your feet using our tools and that you don't rely on sizing from other brands. We have adjusted our sizing to be in-line with US Brannock device sizing and our width is a "D". The "How to Choose the Correct Size" video shows the best methods for determining your Ace Marks size. Best methods are:

  • Go into a store and have your feet measured using a Brannock device. (Video #1 @ :29)
  • Print our Measuring Tool (Video #1 @ 1:00)
  • Trace your foot (Video #1 @ 2:14)
  • Mark & measure toe to heel (Video #1 @ 3:35)

Here is a link to an actual size printable foot measuring tool so that you can measure aaccurately. Careful to print out the version in the correct paper size, either 8.5 x 11 for the US, or A4 paper size for other parts of the world. Download and Print: Size Converion Chart: Length to Size
Measuring Tool: 8.5x11 | A-4 version | Legal 8.5 x 14 | Tabloid 11 x 17

For instructions on how to use the foot measuring tool, please view the videos below.

How to Print the Measuring Tool

How to use the measuring Tool

Here's how to use this measuring tool:

  1. Remove your shoes but be sure to leave on a pair of fitted socks.
  2. Heel-to-Toe Length: While standing up or sitting down with your feet parallel to the floor, place one heel firmly against the appropriately labeled end.
  3. Record the size indicated at the tip of your longest toe (the longest point of your foot).
  4. If the size falls between two lengths, choose the longer length.
  5. Repeat entire measuring process for your other foot, but remember to use the other side. Very few people have feet that exactly match one another, and you need to buy shoes based on your larger foot size.
  6. The reason you want to measure your foot length two different ways is that your best shoe size is probably the longer of your total foot length.

Size Conversion Chart:

Ace Marks Size Conversion Chart