Ace Marks Size guide

It is very important that you measure your feet using our tools and that you don't rely on sizing from other brands. We have adjusted our sizing to be in-line with US Brannock device sizing and our width is a "D". The "How to Choose the Correct Size" video shows the best methods for determining your Ace Marks size. Best methods are:

  1. Watch the first 5 videos in order
  2. Download the size conversion chart
  3. Watch the "How to Print the Measuring Tool" video
  4. Watch the "How to Use the Measuring Tool" video

first step

Find Your Size & Width

important to know

Does half a size make a big difference?

"d" or "e" width?

Fitting "E" Width Ace Marks


Guide for high arches

Sizing: Ace Marks vs. Other Brands