Our Travel Shoes & Sneakers folds flat to fit in your carry-on and doesn't crease! We use innovative materials tech found in our toe & heel counters. It is flexible and comfortable for all-day wear. Our artisans masterfully craft each pair in Italy from 100% premium soft Buffalo leather using a durable Blake flex construction.

flexible travel sneaker

Buffalo Leather

Beyond Flexible

Forget everything you think you know about walking in shoes. Our shoes are designed to be flexible in a way that was never possible before because of creasing concerns. Your foot will bend and move in any direction it wants with little to no resistance from the shoes.

foldable to flat shoes

save space on luggage

Folds flat, never creases

The most innovative leather shoes and sneakers that don't crease!! One of the added benefits of combining the latest materials tech into our heel & toe counters with naturally elastic buffalo leather.