Buyback FAQ

How does the buyback program work?

It’s easy! You send us your old dress shoe, we send you a $50 coupon to use on, then we donate your old dress shoes to Career Gear or a similar charity who uses them to help men in need get back on their feet and re-enter the workforce. In short, you get a great deal and help men get a fresh start!

I backed Ace Marks on Kickstarter, how much do I get for my old shoes?

Our Kickstarter supporters receive a $60 buyback coupon. Thanks for helping us get started!

Why do you have a buyback program?

Ace Marks was founded to provide access to luxury handcrafted shoes that traditionally were out ofreach to most. It was also important for us to create a socially responsible company. Our buyback program encompasses both of these founding pillars and is a great incentive to try your first pair of Ace Marks--which we know you will love! The buyback program helps give you access to your first pair or your next pair, and allows us to help communities through our partnership with Career Gear and similar charities.

Will you buy any brand dress shoe or does it have to be an Ace Marks shoe?

Sometimes, we buy back any old dress shoe, any style, any brand. At this time, we are only accepting Ace Marks dress shoes for our buy back program. 

How exactly do I take advantage of the buy back program?

There are 2 ways to take advantage of the program:

FIRST WAY: Buy a new, full price, Ace Marks shoe, then send us an old eligible dress shoe within 30 days.

1) Buy a new, full price, pair of Ace Marks

2) Download and complete the buyback form.

3) Ship back your old shoe with a copy of the buyback form.

4)Receive a $50 refund on your Ace Marks purchase made in the last 30 days.

SECOND WAY: Send us an eligible dress shoe, then buy a new Ace Marks shoe

1) Complete the buyback form.

2) Ship back your old shoe with a copy of the downloadable buyback form.

3)Receive a $50 coupon code for use on

4) Buy a new pair of Ace Marks.

What do I do first, buy a new pair of Ace Marks or send back my old shoes?

You can do either one. If you bought an Ace Marks shoe in the last 30 day, you can complete the buyback form, and we will issue you a $50 refund once we receive your old shoe that meets our criteria.If you prefer to send back your old shoe first, we will issue you a $50 coupon once we receive it back and it meets our criteria. See the question right above for more details.

Who pays for shipping?

You will be responsible for shipping the shoe to our warehouse in Miami, FL. Shipping details will be provided during the buyback process. We highly recommend that you send your old shoes via an insured and trackable shipping method as we will not be responsible for shoes that do not make it to us, no matter the circumstances.

What if I send back a shoe and it gets lost in transit?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a buyback credit if we do not receive the shoe. We cannot make any exceptions to this. We highly recommend that you use a reliable and trackable service. If the shoe being sent back is valuable, you should also ensure the shipment.

Is the buyback program available only in the US, or can International customers participate?

The buyback program is open to anyone in the world. However, we must receive the old shoes at our Miami, FL warehouse for you to receive the credit and you are responsible for all shipping, duty, and taxes (at origin & destination) that may be incurred during the shipment to our warehouse.

Will you accept shoes in any condition?

No. The shoes have to be in wearable condition. This means that the outsoles can’t have holes in them, and the uppers must be on the outsole, they can’t be coming off. It’s ok if the shoes are dirty or require some cosmetic repair, we can spruce them up. Keep in mind that these shoes will be donated primarily to men who need shoes and clothing to wear for job interviews, so make sure that you evaluate the condition of what you are sending back based on that criteria. We want these guys to look good!

Is there a limit to how many pairs of shoes you will buy back from a single person?

No. There is no limit to how many pairs of Ace Marks we will buy back. However, each buyback credit can only be used towards one pair of shoes. So if you sent back 3 pairs of Ace Marks and have $150 in buyback credit, that would have to be spread out over 3 new pairs of Ace Marks shoes. The idea is to give one shoe and get one shoe.

How do I receive my credit?

Once we receive your old shoe, we will evaluate it, and if it meets the criteria of men’s dress shoe in good condition that can be worn with a suit or business casual attire to a job interview – we will email you a coupon code for use on

Will the credit expire?

Coupon codes that are issued as part of the buyback program are good for 1 year from the date of issue. If you first bought a new pair of Ace Marks and then sent us an old shoe within 30 days, we will issue a credit your credit card (or other forms of payment) as soon as the returned shoes is processed.

How long does it take you to process returned shoes as part of the buyback program?

Returns are usually processed in 10-14 business days.

What if I send you a shoe and then I want it back?

We will not be able to return shoes that have been sent to us as part of the buy back program.

Can I appoint the charity I want my shoes donated to?

Not at the moment. They will be donated to Career Gear or a charity with a similar mission.

Will you accept any size shoes?

Yes, as long as they are a men’s size shoe.

Can I send you women’s or children’s shoes?

No. We only accept men’s shoes as Career Gear is an organization that is geared towards helping men and they only accept men’s shoes.

Can I send you men’s clothing?

You can send clothing directly to Career Gear or a similar charity. They are always in need of clothing that men can wear to job interviews.

Can I combine my Buyback credit with other coupons or offers?

No. The buyback credit can only be applied towards full price purchases.

Can I use multiple buyback credits to purchase one shoe?

No. Each buyback credit can only be used towards the purchase of a single shoe. The idea is to give one shoe and get one shoe.

Can I use my buyback credit towards the purchase of accessories?

No. The buyback credit can only be applied towards a new pair of shoes.