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Hassle-Free Returns
Hassle-Free Returns

demo 3 Cap Toe Oxford Bourbon Nicol


Cap toe Italian Italian dress shoes in Bourbon with Nicol Patina. The Captoe Griffin Bourbon Nicol Patina is hand-made from 100% premium calfskin leather with a cap toe. Bourbon Nicol Patina is a special color that requires significant more time and focus to achieve and is a true testament to the skills and dedication of our artisans. All Ace Marks shoes have a durable blake flex construction with leather soles and waxed dress shoe laces. No gentleman's wardrobe is complete without the classic looking Cap toe Oxford. The Griffin Bourbon Nicol Patina can polish off any look with its secure and traditional fit. Ace Marks shoes come with free shipping to the United States and are also eligible for our exclusive Buyback program.


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