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Ace Marks Dress Shoe Care Guide

Caring for your dress shoes is cruial to making them last. The daily care of always using shoe trees in between wears and brushing them after each use is only one part of the shoe care process. Applying shoe polish every 9-10 wears is equally important. Below, you will find a step by step guide on how to clean and polish your dress shoes.

Step 1: Remove Laces

Remove the laces from the dress shoes

Remove Laces

Step 2: Insert Shoe Trees

To make the polishing process easier, insert your shoe trees into shoes

Shoe Trees

Step 3: Cover Suede with Tape

If your shoe has both leather and suede, you will need to cover the suede with a gentle painters tape. If your shoe has no suede you can skip this step.

Painters Tape

Step 4: Brush Off Shoe

Use the horse hair shoe shine brush to remove any dirt and dust from the outside of the shoe. Use light pressure and quick rapid motions along the entire shoe.

Shoe Shine Brush

Step 5: Brush down stitching

Use the Dauber to brush between the outsole and the upper part of the shoe. One of most important steps is to be sure to keep your stitching clean in order to increase longevity.

Shoe dauber

Step 6: Apply Polish

Apply a small amount of polish to your polishing cloth and begin to apply in large circles with light pressure. Repeat throughout the shoe.

Shoe polish

Step 7: Apply a Little Water

After applying polish, apply a few drops of water and procced to apply in smaller circles with more pressure. Repeat throughout the shoe.

Polishing Cloth

Step 8: Brush in Polish

Use the brush once again at the end to brush the shoe through out. This will apply the polish into the groves of the shoe. Use a medium amount of strength when brushing.

Shoe Shine Brush
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