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Charity Poker Tournament Info

Join us on August 29th at 5 pm EST for the Ace Marks Charity Poker Tournament to help support Third Wave Responders.

Over $2000 in Prizes

Ace Marks and participating brands will be donating all the prizes for the tournament. 100% of all entry fees will be donated to Third Wave Responders.

The prize structure for the tournament will be as follows:

1st Place: $1050 in Gift Cards. $150 to Anson Calder, $225 to Ell & Atty, $225 to Tillmans, and $450 to Ace Marks
2nd Place: $600 in Gift Cards. $100 to Anson Calder, $125 to Ell & Atty, $125 to Tillmans, and $250 to Ace Marks
3rd Place: $375 in Gift Cards. $75 to Anson Calder, $75 to Ell & Atty, $75 to Tillmans, and $150 to Ace Marks
4th Place: $250 in Gift Cards. $50 to Anson Calder, $50 to Ell & Atty, $50 to Tillmans, and $100 to Ace Marks
5th Place: $125 in Gift Cards. $25 to Anson Calder, $25 to Ell & Atty, $25 to Tillmans, and $50 to Ace Marks.

Entry Fee

Entry into the tournament will be free. You will be given the option to make a donation. Your donation is very much appreciated but not required. 100% of the donations will be donated to Third Wave Volunteers. All prizes for this tournament will be donated by Ace Marks and participating brands. The prizes are in no way determined by the donations and are strictly a donation.


This poker tournament will be held virtually through Poker Stars. There is both a desktop app and a mobile app that will allow you to play in the tournament.

download poker stars for desktop You can download the Desktop Application here.

download poker stars for mobile You can download the mobile app for andriod or iphone here. It's important that you download the Poker Stars Lite version of the mobile app as this is the only version that will have access to the tournament. Poker Stars Play does not have access to the tournament.

How to Register

To register, please fill out the registration form located in the button below. Before filling out your application, you must create a poker stars account either via the mobile or desktop app. You will need your poker stars ID in order to complete the registration.

More about Third Wave Responders

Third Wave Volunteers

Third Wave Volunteers are getting important PPE (personal protection equipment) to coronavirus first responders who need N95 masks, face shields and gowns. We have been sending out donated masks ( and also buying them to donate) to doctors, nurses, hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. ( including Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.) Please donate to help us all achieve this important mission.

Dr Alison is the founder of Third Wave Volunteers who are 30,000 first responders nationwide (and around the world) currently battling Covid-19. Their message is that 'everyone is needed" to step up. Dr. Alison has also spearheaded large volunteer disaster response and aid campaigns during the Cat 5 hurricanes Matthew, Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence, Michael and Dorian.

Covid-19 has 1000’s of Third Wave Volunteer first responders working in hospitals on the front lines nationwide. The “Women in White N95 mask missions have delivered or sent out over ½ million N95 masks to 50 US states (including the Navajo tribal nations), Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Haiti. The operation is conducted from Dr Alison's garage in Coconut Grove, Miami.

Third Wave Volunteers won the 2019 Governors Hurricane Service Agency award, the Hope Prize at TEDX Talk, the Dr. Martin Luther King 2019 humanitarian award, the 2019 Woman of Peace award, the Paul Harris award from Rotary International and numerous others.

Please visit for more information and to learn how you can help.

To donate, please use the link below.

Participating Brands


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